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Leaders of the Polish troop stayed at Tanabe family. 


They wanted to go to ‘Hard Rock Cafe ‘ in Roppongi so they went and they enjoyed Roppongi by Night. We wondered how they thought about bustle Roppongi night where multi national atmosphere.


Also they enjoyed local food such as Sushi and Tempura.  Now a days, Japanese cuisene became popular in overseas and not so unusual for foreigners.  However, Japanese food in Japan is deffinitely tasty and all scouts visited us enjoyed real Japanese food.


Families who took polish scouts for homestay are:
Tanabe Vice President of Toop 1 Meguro
Narusawa scout’s family
Komatsu scout’s family
Wagner scout’s family

International exchange is one of the mosts appealing thing of scout activities together with outdoor activities.  Homestay will provide a rare opportunity for us to learn about culture as well as customs of foreign counties.   Troop 1 Meguro also sent contingents to overseas Jamboree in the past and welcome by many families overseas.  Despite of differences of culture and languages, while we involve in Scout actibities, it gives each othrer comfort and frienfsip.This would be very different from legular homestay.If you have as chance to have a homestay for boyscout, take the opportunity.